Wednesday 11 June 2014

Father's Day

“I smile because you are my Father.I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it”

Well, it’s Father’s Day soon and time, once again, to celebrate the most important man in most people's lives.
The tradition of Fathers Day comes to us from the United States where a woman called Sonora Smart Dodd, inspired by Mother’s Day, thought there ought to be a day to honour fathers as well.
Although celebrated since the early 1900’s in America it is not thought to have gained popularity here in the UK until as late as the 1970’s.
Because, here in the UK, it is observed on the third Sunday in June some suggest there are perhaps some pagan roots connecting it with summer solstice and the sun's representation as the father of the universe. 
Seen by early cynics as merely a commercial endeavour it has been embraced, I think deservedly, by those of us who wish to acknowledge our Dads and say 'thank you' for all the things they did, and do, for us.
For the most part, I should imagine, we will buy our Father a card and perhaps treat him to a pint and a meal  but there are some times when you might just want to treat him to something a little bit special.
I sometimes think our poor old dads get a raw deal when it comes to gift giving. Who hasn’t gone down the socks and scents route? The thing is, they are always grateful. 
So, whatever we get them we can be sure it will be received with a smile.
I thought I would now share with you a couple of ideas that may inspire and hopefully help you find something that little bit special to help tell the main man in your life know what he means to you.
So here we go, my little list of things that might help make this Fathers Day a little bit more special:

1.For the wine connoisseur why not consider one of the numerous wine related items available. Everything from glasses to corkscrews are sure to be appreciated by your wine buff dad. For something extra special why not a beautiful Victorian claret jug  or a sterling silver wine coaster.
Silver Ship's Decanter and Wine Coaster, 1997 and 1998. Click here to view on our website
2.Does your dad enjoy a cheeky cigar? There are plenty of options for those who indulge in such things. I’m sure a humidor would go down a storm but even a cutter would do the trick. Of course, you might want to think about a sleek and stylish silver cigar box which would look handsome on any desk or coffee table. Or a lighter, there are many options there.
Cedar-lined Silver Cigar Box, 1917. Click here to view on our website.

Cigar Lighter, 1896. Click here to view on our website.
3.For the hobby dad there is a wealth of resources to draw inspiration from.The gardener would benefit from new tools or maybe some new exotic plant or flower seeds. Or the ultimate ride,a top of the range mower tractor. 
For the fisherman maybe some lures or a new reel. Why not renew their fishing licence?
The golfer. How about some new tees and balls. Or maybe a top notch new driver or putter.
The keen sailor might appreciate new waterproofs or deck shoes. Maybe offer to help re-paint his boat. Time spent with your dad is always a winner.
Of course with any hobby when you take time out you might just want to relax and take a moment to enjoy your surroundings, so why not get dad a lovely silver hip flask to carry around his favourite tipple in style. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from and some unique ones with their own glasses and carrying cases.
Silver Hip Flask, 1911. Click here to view on our website.

A travel-sized drinks set with 5 silver cups.

4.Does dad love to throw a party? I’m sure any unusual and exotic spirits or mixers would gain favour. All those different aromatics and condiments will have him mixing up a storm. You'll find a good list of items on if you need inspiration. With such a well equipped bar he will probably want to show off his Tom Cruise style skills. What better than a lovely sterling silver cocktail shaker or some silver shot glasses.
Sterling Silver Cocktail Shaker, 1946. Click here to view on our website.
5.There are many dads who love nothing better than cooking for the ones they love and there are a wealth of ideas for the foodie dad. Any special oils, vinegars, spices or foodstuffs would be met with delight. Of course there is a long tradition of silver being used in the kitchen and on the table so you really are spoiled for choice. Anything from tureens and serving dishes to cutlery and utensils are available and would add some glamour to those top class occasions your foodie dad might host.
Silver and glass Pepper Grinder, 1885. Click here to view on our website.
At the end of it all, whatever you decide on, you know he will react as though you just purchased him the winning lottery ticket because that’s just what fathers do. Perhaps though, if they could do one more thing for us….please, no more bad dad jokes!

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