Wednesday 13 May 2015

The King of Bling

Most of us, of a certain age, would recognise who that man behind the candelabra is; that would be Liberace, but where might that candelabra have come from?
Liberace perusing the goods of the Silver Vaults. Image courtesy of the LSV Facebook page
If you've ever been down to the London Silver Vaults and stopped to look at the photos in the foyer you might just have noticed a picture of a smiling Liberace with one of the shop owners, May Langford, back in 1956. Mrs. Langford's sons, our neighbours, continue to run the family business today.

Friday 8 May 2015

Nutmeg Grater

Since being discovered on the Spice Islands in the 1500’s nutmeg has been part of our culinary repertoire and at one time the cost per gram made it even more valuable than gold.

Though nearly always relegated to the baking cupboard now, its popularity at one time was such that there were special portable boxes made so that people could transport their own nutmeg with them. It became such, that no fashionable gentleman’s well equipped pocket was complete without one.

Friday 1 May 2015

Something New for Something Old

When people are browsing around in the shop I frequently hear words to the effect of “ oh we have one of those, I think it must be in a box somewhere”
Well, it’s time to think outside the box!

As the world moves towards upcycling and recycling just about anything, I thought this week I might consider other uses for items made in silver. As silver is so pleasing to the eye it makes sense to use some of the things you might have at home and, rather than consigning a beautiful item to the attic or the deep recesses in the back of the cupboard, why not give it a new life?

So, now is the time to have a good rummage around and resurrect some of those once loved and treasured items.