Friday 1 May 2015

Something New for Something Old

When people are browsing around in the shop I frequently hear words to the effect of “ oh we have one of those, I think it must be in a box somewhere”
Well, it’s time to think outside the box!

As the world moves towards upcycling and recycling just about anything, I thought this week I might consider other uses for items made in silver. As silver is so pleasing to the eye it makes sense to use some of the things you might have at home and, rather than consigning a beautiful item to the attic or the deep recesses in the back of the cupboard, why not give it a new life?

So, now is the time to have a good rummage around and resurrect some of those once loved and treasured items.

After searching around on the internet and on pinterest I have compiled a little list of my own which I think contains some good ideas. It is time to fall in love with your silver again.

So here are a few of my ideas for how to transform and re-use old silver:

Teapot = planter - bird feeder - lamp base

Kettle = planter

Candlestick = cake stand base, lamp base

Hook handle ladle = candleholder

Cutlery = wind chime, hooks, jewellery, sculptures, fridge magnet (fork holds paper weaved)

Toast rack = letter holder, business card holder, paper napkin holder

Napkin Rings = tealight holder,christmas decoration, curtain tie

Spoons/small sauce spoons = canape servers

Sugar tongs = ice tongs, lemon slice tongs, children’s chopsticks

Salt shakers / sugar shakers=powdered makeup, talcum powder,spices

Tall cream jug = toothbrush holder

Serving trays=dressing table organiser,add legs for table

Match strike = toothpick holder, ear bud holder

Egg cup = shot glass, jelly air freshener, clips, pins, picks, salt holder

Placecard holders = picture holders

Large Tankard = utensil holder or wine cooler

Bowl = hold christmas baubles, flowers

Trophy Cups = vase, ice bucket, holder for anything depending on size

Small Bowls = pincushions, bathroom organiser, dressing table organiser

Butterknife = letter opener

Perfume Bottles = spice holder, liqueur container

Hollow knife handle = DIY bud vase; attach rubber sucker

Snuff box = a tooth box for the fairy, emergency sewing kit, pill box

Picture frame = mirror or, mirror = picture frame

Most of these ideas were taken from the internet with a couple of ideas of mine thrown in for good measure. Basically any container once delegated to a specific use can be used again in a different way. If you're fortunate enough to be a bit crafty something can be deconstructed and be given a whole new purpose in life.

Could this tankard become a flower pot? Click here to view on our website
23 Totally Brilliant DIYs made from Common Thrift Store Finds. Via Buzzfeed.
With a little imagination you can breathe new life into any long forgotten and neglected item and enjoy it for many more years to come. Good luck!

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