Tuesday 16 February 2016

Good Morning Britain

Well, What’s that I spy on the table?
Yes, that would be one of our very own kettles, enjoying a moment of fame on This Morning,
in a segment in which the presenters have to guess which, out of a selection, has the highest value.
Todays collection was our lovely Victorian silver kettle, up against a Hermes handbag and a signed photograph of Marilyn Monroe.
The Marilyn photo was the outfront winner with a £10,000 value. You know, with that kind of money you could have two of our kettles!
Keep your eye out for our silver on the telly, as we have more to come, starting today with a new Alan Titchmarsh game show called Masterpiece.
The format of the show is that teams will be guided around a stately home and must hunt out the Masterpiece amongst all the collectibles on display. The Masterpiece could be anything from a bottle of wine, a painting, jewellery or, indeed, a fine piece of silver.
The first episode airs today on ITV at 3pm.
Could any of our silver be amongst the first lot of collectibles? Might it even be a Masterpiece.
Now, that would be telling. You will have to watch and see.
There will be more of our silver cropping up on screen over the next few weeks.
I will keep you posted.