Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas

I cannot believe it is already mid -November. In little more than a month the turkey will have been well and truly carved. With this in mind,over the coming weeks, I hope to offer up some suggestions and ideas to help lighten the load.

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Every year I promise myself that when I flip that calendar to December I will not feel that twinge of panic because I will be so organised that I will be able to look at others rushing around while I sit sipping hot chocolate and scoffing mince pies.

But, alas that is not the way it’s panning out because once again I have yet to start!

I always start out with the best of intentions. I usually start up a list of ideas and ideal gifts sometime in July feeling smug in the knowledge that by the end of September I will have Christmas all wrapped up.

Then, I reach the end of September and realise I’ve had to poach some of those great ideas for birthdays etc. and some of what is left on my list is now redundant because that 'must have' item is already old hat, and the recipient wouldn't be caught dead wearing, carrying, or using such a dated thing. That is, of course, if I can even find the list in the first place.

So, this year, as with every other, you will find me elbowing the throngs hoping I come up trumps and find everything required in one short and painless trip. One can dream...

So, in an effort to help ease the burden to others, I will attempt to offer up some inspiration with a few suggestions from our shops down here at the vaults.

Firstly, may I say, if you've never had the chance to visit us here at the London Silver Vaults, Christmas is the ideal time to make a trip down. We are a short walk away from the hussle and bussle of the West End and being underground, whatever the weather, you can shop in calm and comfort. So, take in the lights of Oxford St. by all means, then walk away from the crowds and come see us here in Chancery Lane.

Whether you are shopping for gifts or looking for ways of making your table more beautiful and glamourous you are sure to find inspiration here.
I don’t wish to bombard people with too many ideas at once so I will attempt to break it down into sections.

So, let’s start with the girls in our lives. As Freud once asked; what does a woman want?

The first and most obvious choice would be jewellery. But,why not think outside the box, and actually get a box? We have a large selection of jewellery boxes and trinket boxes.
Or a pill box or a vinaigrette. From small plain ones to large decorative ones, you are bound to find a box to suits a loved one's taste.

A handsome modern jewellery box. Click here to view on our website.

You could show how much thought you put into that bottle of their favourite perfume when they also find under the tree, a beautiful scent bottle to put it in. This would be sure to add glamour to the dressing table. On that note, we have plenty of dressing table ideas. Why not a silver salver on which to put her things. We have some lovely jars and bottles to decant all her favourite products. A glamorous Victorian silver hand mirror would be a romantic touch. We have a great selection of bowls, beakers and small dishes, ideal for holding bits and bobs.

A sterling silver Victorian hand mirror. Click here to view on our website.
Maybe some beautiful candlesticks to enhance the mood in the boudoir? A picture frame with a treasured photo? An antique silver vase with a bunch of seasonal flowers would be sure to win favour.
A pair of sterling silver Edwardian bud vases. Click here to view on our website.
I really recommend you come down for a browse if you get the opportunity. If not, you can always peruse a selection of our stock online at If you see something you like you can purchase directly from our website with confidence. If you don’t see quite what you want you can always contact us by phone or email and we will endeavour to seek it out for you from our vast stock.
For more ideas and inspiration you can check out our Pinterest boards by clicking here.

Next week, I will show you a selection of things for the boys and hopefully between us we can get that Christmas shopping all sewn up. Good luck and happy hunting.

As a footnote, may I suggest you try to make it down to our late night shopping event here at the Vaults. It is happening between 5-8 pm on Thursday 27th November. Come and enjoy a glass of bubbly and a nice mince pie. Hope to see you there!