Thursday 27 November 2014

Christmas Gifts for him: the Discerning Gentleman

Last week I posted a few suggestions as to what kind of things the women in your life might wish to find under the tree.

So this week it is over to the men. The fellas in our lives sometimes get overlooked when it comes to gift giving. There are not many men around that don’t find at least one package under the tree with their name on it that when opened, reveals a novelty tie or set of 'days of the week' socks. Poor old dad/husband/boyfriend.
Harry Crane struggles to maintain his cool at the office Christmas party in Mad Men. Image via.
Well, it doesn't have to be that way.
There is a wealth of things out there that go beyond just keeping a gentleman's feet warm.

Down here at the London Silver Vaults we are brimming with stylish gifts that are sure to be unique and inspiring.

There is a long tradition of things made in silver for the discerning gentleman.
If your man is a wine buff, why not add some glamour to the proceedings by delighting him with some sterling silver wine implements. We have a vast selection of claret jugs for decanting, or if you choose to leave your wine in the bottle then a handsome pair of wine coasters will not only look smart but also protect your table. We have stoppers and goblets and funnels too.
Late Victorian Claret Jug. Click here to view on our website.
George III Sterling Silver Wine Coasters. Click here to view on our website.
If his chosen tipple is something a little stronger; how about a set of sterling silver shot glasses? Maybe a whisky tumbler. Or, to really please, a tantalus to hold a selection of his favourite spirits or liqueurs. How about a hip flask so he a take a wee tot with him while out for his post Christmas dinner stroll? That would warm the cockles. We have many to choose from in various shapes and sizes. Click here to see our online selection.
A Pocket-Sized Victorian Hip Flask. Click here to view on our website.
Ever considered setting him up with all the equipment to create his own cocktails at home? A selection of spirits and mixers along side a silver cocktail shaker should keep him happy long into the new year. Our range of shakers is unrivalled, from the traditional to the strange and quirky.
A selection of our most unusual cocktail shakers. Please contact us for more information.
Will your man be indulging in a cigar after dinner? We have a beautiful selection of cigar cases and boxes. We can even organise engraving for you should you wish to inscribe a personal message on it. Just leave plenty of time for us to arrange it for you. We have a unique collection of lighters, ashtrays and match strikes too.
A handsome 1920's Cigar Box. Click here to view on our website.
If he has taken a few days away from his desk during the holidays wouldn't it be nice to have a holiday reminder close by when he does return to the office? A picture frame and a favourite photo would be good. For the desktop we have inkwells, blotters, carriage clocks, bowls and trays. How about handsome toast rack to be used to hold all his important mail? Don’t you just love a dual purpose? Does he have a connection with nature? We have a wealth of different birds, animals and figurines that would look striking in an office or den.
This Victorian picture frame and paper-tidy will make a handsome addition to an executive desk. Click here to view on our website.
We have many items on our website that should inspire you. If you can’t make it down to the vaults and have something in mind, why not drop us an email or give us a call and we might just be able to find something for you. If we can help find the perfect present for your loved one, then that’s our gift to you!


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