Monday 7 December 2015


Here it is, December, and for those of us that haven't got everything wrapped up yet (you know, not one of those people who were,actually, nearly done in August) the hunt starts in earnest to seek out that perfect gift. It is to those people I will be presenting my A-Z of Christmas ideas, in silver, over the next couple of weeks.

So let us begin:

Animals...we have a great collection of sterling silver and silverplate animals, birds and fish
               which will be sure to please the animal lover in your life, whether it’s a large                                                                                                                        
               centrepiece for the table or a small ornament for someone's collection.

Boxes...doesn't everyone love a box to stash treasures, or jewelry or fine cigars.Be they plain or ornately decorated you will find  our silver boxes in  a style and size to suit.

Cocktail is definitely cocktail season and what better gift for the mixologist than a lovely vintage shaker. The cocktails will almost certainly be made with added flair with  a  silver or silver plate shaker to add some  glamour to the event. That will raise your spirits!

Decanter... how many times does someone you know get a fine bottle of whisky or port because, quite frankly, you just can't think of anything else for that person who has everything.
Why not choose a stylish decanter to put that inevitable bottle of vintage single malt in.

Epergnes...nothing says celebration more than a well laid table  and, let's face it, the Christmas table is the pinnacle. With our selection of epergnes, you are bound to find one that
brings the table together in dazzling fashion. here is a hip idea. How nice to be popping out after Christmas lunch for your wintery stroll armed with a comforting  nip in your pocket. Warms the cockles, doesn't it?

Goblets...a fine silver goblet is a gift that people will treasure forever. It can be used immediately to partake in the Christmas wine and then every other time the occasion calls for it. Makes a great vase too, when not being drunk from.

Hand Mirror...harking back to the days of elegant dressing tables, who wouldn't love an ornate  silver hand mirror. Or, go for enamel in a colour to compliment the boudoir. Glamourous and chic.

Ink Stand...when you picture Charles Dickens at his writing desk, you must, surely, get the image of plume in hand dipping into the ink pot. What better way to excite a budding writer than present them with a beautiful ink stand. Who knows, it might just help inspire them to write the next Christmas Carol.

I will be back in a week with the next selection of ideas for your friends and loved ones. Until then, happy hunting.


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