Monday 14 December 2015


Ok, folks. It’s week two of our A to Z of Christmas which brings me to our next collection ideas for gifts in silver. We left off at the letter I, and so, here we go with:

Jam Pots… I think most of us probably will have more than a quick cup of tea and a bowl of cornflakes on Christmas morning. For some reason, it seems appropriate to have a full on breakfast (almost like a trial run for the big event). No reason the breakfast table shouldn’t look special too. A lovely jam jar to serve your favourite condiments in will certainly cheer things up.

Knives...and forks and spoons...Christmas is the one time of year when everyone will bring out their best crockery and cutlery. Here at I. Franks, we have knowledge and expertise that goes back generations. If you are looking to invest in a cutlery set I would strongly recommend dropping down and getting some expert advice from the family who has long been happily helping people choose a set that is just right for them. in, let there be light. Nothing sets the mood more than the right lighting. As your tree
sparkles and twinkles in the corner choosing the right ambience for the rest of the home is crucial. We have a vast selection candlesticks,chambersticks and even some lovely sterling silver electric lamps. What a bright start to the holidays.

Menu Holders...which also suit being used as name place card holders are highly collectable and the design range means you a likely to find something that will suit whomever you choose them for. We've got highland dancers, animals, birds or simple and elegant art deco stylings.
Hopefully, something for everyone. Put people in their place, with sophistication and fun.

Napkin Rings...another way to guide people to their seat at the big meal is for each person to have their own napkin ring. These are available as plain as you like or elaborately decorated.
They make a great stocking stuffer and will get used year upon year. Can I just say, here in my shop I have created a candelabra tree using napkin rings as baubles. You can pinch that from me, should you wish, because it looks great!

Oil... and Vinegar and salt and pepper and mustard and cayenne too. We have a fabulous array of cruet sets in both silver plate and sterling silver. Whether you are looking for a simple
oil and vinegar set or a more elaborate soy frame with bottles for every condiment you can think of we've got it covered.

Photograph've captured the moment and what better way to display that precious image, than with a beautiful sterling silver antique frame. From clean sleek deco styling, to a touch old fashioned Victorian adornment, you will find many styles and sizes to choose from.
Your loved ones deserve to be surrounded by silver.

Quaich...the quaich, so beloved by the Scottish, will be appreciated by anyone who loves their simplistic style. This two handled drinking bowl not only symbolises friendship and union, it makes a lovely little bowl to hold sweets or cufflinks or anything you like. Slainte!
And, if you are still looking for ideas, check out next week's post for the last of my A-Z of Christmas. Hopefully, we can find some inspirational ideas to ease your shopping blues.


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