Saturday 11 June 2016

The Lighter Side Of Sssilver

Today’s blog inspiration has come to me because one of our items, here at I. Franks, is about to have a star turn on television. 
On Thursday the 16th of June if you tune into  BBC One you will find a production hosted by Fern Britton entitled ‘For What It’s Worth’
The programme is a game show,  which pits teams against each other, answering general knowledge questions in the hopes of adding antiques to their collection and win the game.
The piece which we have featured is a rather magnificent creature, which upon first glance, does not necessarily reveal its purpose.
This sterling silver serpent is a splendid example of silver as a statement piece.   

This particular silver serpent bears a 1893 London hallmark and was made by Joseph Braham.
So, here we have an ‘impala’ horn, with the snake's head secured to the base of the horn itself.  
But, what is it?
The head of this Victorian serpent is made from sterling silver and when pulled off, it reveals inside, a silverplated reservoir in which to put lighter fluid.
Yes, it turns out this creature is actually a table lighter.
You will occasionally come across these impala horns with a gimbal lighter attached but it is much more unusual to come across a beast such as this.
The symbolic meaning of the snake is of fertility and the creative life force. It also represents rebirth, renewal and immortality. A powerful symbol indeed.
I picture this piece once adorning the table in the study of a well heeled gentleman.
Port in hand, passing around the fine cigars and then offering up a light with this stunning
table piece. I feel certain many a deal was done over brandy and a fine havana while our silver serpent friend oversaw the proceedings.
Should you be looking for a light to impress today, thinking silver is a good place to start.
A huge selection of lighters in all shapes, sizes and guises can be found if you look around.
As well as the classic  pocket lighter, lighters were and are, available in many  different forms.
If you are looking for something eye catching that has the wow factor then perhaps an unusual table lighter might just fit the bill.

Our lighter would make a unique gift for someone who is tough to buy for, and should you find yourself struggling to find the ideal present, a trip down to the London Silver Vaults will certainly provide some inspiration.
As well as an array of items you may have already considered, you are sure to stumble across many things which you might never have seen before. And, amongst the treasures found here,is bound to be just the perfect thing.


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