Friday 9 September 2016


Well, here it is September again. And, down here at the London Silver Vaults, that can only mean one thing…….LAPADA!
As summer winds down and summer holidays become a distant memory we, here at I Franks,
begin to focus on what is, surely, one of the most glamorous events on the antiques calendar.
What is fantastic about Lapada is,  it gives people the opportunity to see what is exciting and unique this year ,not only silver, but all other mediums as well.
With dealers from across the country showing here, it allows people the chance to shop under one umbrella without the need to travel the length and breadth of the country to seek out those special items.
So whether you're into painting, sculpture, furniture,stamps, jewelry, or indeed, silver you will undoubtedly see items here to please and to tempt you.
At I. Franks we are veterans to the Lapada fair and always look forward to welcoming people onto our stand.
It is a unique opportunity for us emerge from our subterranean world down here at the vaults and show our goods on another level. Literally.
You can make a day of it here, if you choose, without the need to even leave the marquee.
Lunch is available each day from 12-4 pm. Of course, even if you don't fancy a nibble, you might still wish to wet your whistle, and thankfully, Mr. Foggs will be on hand to provide liquid refreshment to all weary shoppers.

This year, at I. Franks,  we have some stunning pieces  lined up to invite temptation. Come and see for yourself; we are certain you will like what you see.
So whether you are shopping for a special item to treat yourself or looking for an outstanding gift to present  to someone, we hope to be able to provide you with the ideal thing.
This year you will find on display plenty of things both practical and whimsical.
Jonathan and Daniel will both be at hand to offer up our usual professional advice and knowledge.
As longstanding members of Lapada, you can be confident of our quality and  our expertise in fine silver. We are a fourth generation family business and are passionate about our trade.
Of course, everything bought can be taken with you on the day or shipped globally.
With all shipments fully insured you can rest assured your items will be turning up safely on your doorstep at a time that suits you.
If you come and visit, be sure to drop by and say hello to us at our stand. We will be at hand to offer advice and inspiration.
You will find us located on stand A5 near the front entrance of the venue.
Should you be unable to attend this year remember, you can always come and visit us down at the vaults, where you will be able to view our full and extensive collection of beautiful silver at leisure.
Either way, we hope to see you soon.
This year's fair takes place from 13-18 September at its usual location in the heart of Mayfair, in Berkeley Square.  
If you want more details about the fair and wish for an invitation please don't hesitate to contact us via email at


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