Saturday 11 March 2017


We are very excited here at I. Franks, as the team have headed to Hong Kong to showcase
a collection of our silver in one of  Hong Kong’s most stylish shops, Maison Huit.
When one of the shop’s founders, Jane Chao- Lee, came down to visit the London Silver Vaults, she came into our shop and an idea was born.

Impressed by our fabulous selection of fine silver and silver plate from all eras and the exceptional knowledge of Jonathan and Daniel Franks it seemed a great opportunity to collaborate on bringing some of our vast collection to Hong Kong to introduce friends, old and new, to the many styles and choices available when considering silver, whether it be at home for yourself or as a unique and treasured  gift for a loved one.
It would be our great pleasure, if you find yourself in HK, to meet with us and see first hand
all the weird and wonderful things we have on offer.
Along with our pop up shop, we will also be giving a talk about the British hallmarking system
where Daniel will share his knowledge in order to help you become a bit of an expert yourself!

The talk will take place on the 16th March at 3pm.

The exhibition will run from the 16-18th,so drop by if you're in the area.

Should you wish for a more intimate approach, we are running a VIP sales event, by appointment only from 13th-15th March 11:30 to 7:30 pm.

Please get in touch to book your appointment and we look forward to seeing you there.
You will find Maison Huit at No. 8a St. Francis St, in the fashionable Wan Chai district of Hong Kong.

Zaijian !


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