Saturday 8 August 2015

Feeling Festive?

Well, we are now halfway through the festival season here in the UK. For once, for the most part, even the weather has been in our favour.
At Glastonbury, earlier this summer, the sun shone and just made the whole thing that little bit better.
With so many festivals now taking place each year here in the UK, there truly is something for everyone.

When I think of festivals, my mind automatically envisions a large muddy field, a mosh pit full of enthusiastic groovers and an odd selection of bands that have somehow found themselves on the same bill. People wafting around, like it’s the summer of love, once again.
Here in Britain we’ve got festivals for the young, old, foodie, hippie, rocker, you name it, there is something available to suit every imaginable taste.
Fancy harking back to a different time? Why not check out Retrofest in Newbury. You can release your inner Rockabilly while checking out the classic cars and nabbing a bargain at one of the vintage stalls.
You could release your inner globetrotter and attend the Kaya Festival in Wales. Camp out and enjoy the world music scene right from your tent.
For the more hardcore, why not try the headbang sounding Deadbolt Festival in Manchester or perhaps the more gentle sounding Tea in the Woods in Scotland.
Of course not all festivals are about the camping and music.
A new edition to the festival scene this year is the Bakewell Baking Festival. Such is the popularity of baking here in the UK that it now has its own dedicated festival.
How about Yarndale. Described as ‘ a festival of creativity’ this will appeal to the knitters amongst us.
Of course if food and drink is your thing, we are truly well catered for here in Britain.
April sees London’s Coffee Festival, we’ve got The British Asparagus festival in Worcestershire in April. How about a Watercress festival in  May in Hampshire? Crabs and Lobsters are the main event  in Norfolk for the Cromer and Sheringham Festival.
Then, of course, we have the big one, which takes place here in Regents Park each June. Taste of London finds alfresco dining offered up by the country's top chefs.
Should you wish to party like Jamie Oliver and Blur’s Alex James, you can join them at their family oriented Big Feastival for three days of fun, food and family.
For a touch of the bizarre there is the chance each year to join the cheese rolling festival or do a touch of bog snorkelling.
Of course we are not the only ones to host such peculiar events. In Spain, for example, you have the opportunity to run with bulls, or line up the town's babies and leap over them. Perhaps you wish to release some pent up aggression by throwing tomatoes at all and sundry.
If you find yourself in Australia, why not join in the Tuna Toss?
In India in the spring? Enjoy the festival of Holi, just don’t wear your best outfit ,as you will find the powdered paint flying in all directions.
And, one for the monkeys, in Thailand each November, our simian friends enjoy the Monkey Buffet Festival where they are treated to an all you can eat buffet.
One of the stranger ones I've come across is the Alaskan Moose dropping festival. This does not involve the actual dropping of moose, but more a dropping...of droppings...from air balloons...onto targets.
Should you want to check out some other weird festivals around the world I suggest you check out and look at their 25 most insane festivals.
So ,should you find yourself packing your gear and heading festival bound, I offer you a couple of suggestions to make you appear the well healed festival goer.
Why not, ‘all back to my tent’ with this stylish and portable set of sterling silver beakers and flask housed in a leather carrying case.

Should you wish to have a quiet moment behind a tree or some such thing, what about a lovely
sterling silver hip flask with a nip or two of your chosen tipple.
If you're glamping as opposed to camping you'll find everything you need in this travelling dressing table set.

There is no need to completely rough it when attending your festival of choice and a touch of silver will add some elegance to the proceedings, whatever your choosing.

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